Monday, December 14, 2020

2021 is gonna be good

 It just has to be, right? 2020 has been a crazy year but as a whole it was pretty great. I got married! My Youtube channel ( )  had a  successful 2nd year gaining like 450 subs.  My approach to 2021 is go big or go home. I am finally treating this YouTube thing as something serious and im on the grind ro get 1k subs quick! 

How? Quality content that is released in timely manner.  I already have 15 vids scheduled for January! So what will the schedule look like? Good Question! 

Mondays: Huntin Them Games

Tuesdays: Title Screen Tuesday 

Wednesdays: Gamer & The Newb Podcast 

Thursday: free day, random vids, who knows

Friday: Switch Bit Plays 

So Thursday and the weekends don't have set vids to be released so this is where ill drop music videos, reviews, tips ,tricks etc...

And if I have a current event piece or opinions of a hot topic, it will just go up whenever. 

Anywhoo....thats my schedule and im executed for 2021. Let's dig in!

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