Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Update: 3 months in

So it's been a few months since I started this whole new journey. I started a website, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel and dove straight in and it's been great!

I have met a lot of really great people on Instagram and Twitter and my followers are growing almost daily. When I first started my Youtube channel I was excited to have 2 subscribers and now I have over 30! But it's not all about that.

I have learned so much in editing and making vids.  I LOVE making videos. I like being creative and trying new things but damn  it's tough to make the time. My goal for the year is to create a realistic schedule I can abide by. Weekly videos, at this point is just too much! Ahhhhhh!

Anyways, I hope anyone who stumbles on this site can get some enjoyment from my content. Happy huntin everybody

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