Saturday, January 5, 2019

30 minutes in : Octopath Traveler

Thank you for joining me on my first post in, hopefully, a long-running series called 30 minutes in. Here I will play a game for exactly 30 minutes and give my very quick , very initial Impressions on the game. So let's give it a go shall we?

Let me preface this by saying I know very little about this game. I purposefully stayed blind on all the information past the demo. I finally received this game as a Christmas gift and I could not wait to jump into it. Typically I play support or magic characters such as White Mage or cleric or Wizard or whatever, but after some careful consideration and some helpful folks on Twitter I chose to play as therion , the thief.

Therion's story starts in a bar among Thieves and other scoundrel types that you would expect from this type of setting. Fairly quickly we're thrown into flashbacks of the characters history and it's quite interesting getting a peak into the past of a criminal.  At the present, the character is initially tasked with going for a big score that no other Thief can get. I have a feeling that this guy gets kind of bored with standard thievery.

As far as the game goes, the story is told in the same graphical style as the gameplay so no fancy cinematics here, but it works. Some of the lines are fully voice acted and some of the lines are not. The lines that are fully voice acted are quite nice, but the lines that are not acted are accompanied by small Grunts and single words which I feel might get kind of annoying 50 hours in. I don't know, we shall see.

As far as the combat goes, I don't know because they're literally has been no combat yet. I've just kind of walked around this Village and pickpocketed some people and all the rest has been story and Exposition, which I don't mind. It's done pretty darn well. I can't wait to go further into this character and this game and see where it takes me. I have played the demo so I have an idea of the combat, but it's been a while. I'll update on Twitter like I always do but look for my full review once I'm done.

But for now, the game is pretty. The music is great, like really really good in the starting area. It reminds me of Selbina in Final Fantasy XI, which is a very good thing. I can't wait to delve further into the combat and story!

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