Sunday, November 25, 2018

Warframe Switch Impressions -3 days in-

A lot has changed in Warframe. A Lot. Let's talk a little about my experience with the free to play game before we hop into my impressions. I have never played the game on PC, where it started but I did play it extensively when it launched on PlayStation 4 and I LOVED it, flaws and all.

You see, Warframe is a constantly evolving game. New mechanics, heroes, mission types and environments are happening on such a consistent basis it's almost hard to believe sometimes. When I played the gane for several hundred hours on the PS4, everything was navigated through a menu system, the star chart was kind of a mess and there were a lot of quality of life issues with the console counterpart. In spite of it's flaws, it was a wildly addictive ride and one of my favorite experiences this gen.

Fast forward a few years on the Nintendo Switch and you can tell how much work the devs have put into this game. You no longer have static menus, in fact you are given your own small spaceship that you can actually walk around to access everything as well as invite friends too. Did I mention it's fully customisable and you can decorate it? You also have pets that you can incubate and then bring along on quests.  Oh yeah it has open world segments now too. That's just a few examples of the most immediate changes I've seen but there is a laundry list of improvements made to the game.

So Let's talk about the game. It's free to play, but it's not pay to win. You can actually earn their real world currency equivalent, platinum, by trading item drops. So Let's get that out of the way. This is probably the most fair free to play game in existence.

Warframe is an online looter shooter. Think Diablo or Phantasy star online but with fast paced shooting and sword combat. It's all about that grind for the loot to make your character more powerful. And I love it! There are so many avenues to increase using loot such as levelling up your frame, your sentinel (think pso mags) , your ship, clan dojo , weapons, abilities,  mastery rank, etc...there is always something to do to advance and you're always finding mods and components used for crafting new and better things.

What are mods? Probably the most important aspect of increasing the Power of your warframe and each of it's weapons. They randomly drop and can be attached to you or your components to create the build that best suits your playstyle. Along with rng mod drops, crafting components drop consistently and are necessary for creating everything from weapons to new warframes using blue prints. If you dont want to spend real money, you'll be using the foundry to craft everything.

So that's nice, but how does it play?

So good! Movement is one of the best aspects of the game. It's very fast and fluid and you'll be doing flips and jumping over chasms while bullet time shooting enemies in the head in no time. It's fun just to run around and try creating cool combos with your sword. It just works. Combine that with unique abilities and you will start feeling like a space ninja badass real quick.
The frame rate can get iffy if the action gets crazy but that's kind of been a staple of the series, even on ps4. It hasn't taken away from my enjoyment yet.

I prefer playing on the TV as the gane is down right gorgeous. Seriously , I'm shocked panic button could get this game running and looking so good on the Switch. Handheld mode looks great too, but it's obvious some visual fidelity was lost.

Warframe is free. It's fun and rewarding game, it has voice chat, very easy to use matchmaking, deep levelling and clan systems. I think everyone should give it a try. It is not super friendly to new players, but if you give it some time it will click and you might just get sucked in.

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